chef shirt design


In the fast paced world of cooking, it can often seem like you are running around like crazy. This chef t-shirt celebrates the feeling of running around with your feet on fire trying to do everything in the kitchen. Also if you are not doing doing enough work in the kitchen you may cop a chef surprise from your chef, which is his boot up your…. . This cool chef gear is great for the chef in your life who appreciates funny gifts for chefs.


Robo Chef

For the non-chefs out there, it can be amazing how quickly and efficiently chefs put together delicious and technical dishes. Celebrate the favorite chef in your life and their robot like talent in the kitchen with this colorful chef shirt. This t-shirt is a great option for those wondering what to buy a chef for Christmas.


Demi God

It is no surprise that many chefs have big egos- and with their culinary expertise, that ego is well deserved. The flames and the font on this t shirt evokes feelings of power and strength in the kitchen. This Demi God t-shirt is a cool chef shirt for the chef in your life who has godlike cooking skills- and knows it.



The Monger Games

Show the world your love of fish- and silly puns- with this funny chef t-shirt that pokes fun at the ever popular book series and movie franchise. This cool chef gear will sure to make your culinary friends laugh- or maybe groan. The Monger Games will make a great gift for your chef boyfriend or friend who works in the fish industry.


Molecular Gastronomy

A relatively new technique to the culinary world, molecular gastronomy has been taking chefs and food fans by storm for the innovative technology involved. This shirt pokes fun at the interesting instruments used and the uncommon presentations associated with molecular gastronomy. This shirt makes a funny chef gift for the cook in your life who loves- or loves to hate- the work of Ferran Adria and other molecular gastronomists.


Chop Til You Drop

Chopping is one exhausting part of cooking, but many chefs enjoy the rhythmic, soothing movements of preparing fruits, vegetables, and meats. This shirt makes a play off of the concept of ‘shop til you drop’, and celebrates the chef in your life who has some killer knife skills. This tee shirt makes a great chef gift to help that special person in your life their inner Jamie Oliver.



Catch Of The Day

Celebrate your chef’s love of fresh fish and pretty women with this double entendre chef t-shirt. This shirt displays hopes for tasty fish and chatting up a pretty woman. This shirt is perfect for the chef in your life who has everything or purchase for yourself to display your desire for at lest one of these catches if not both.


Measure Up

Cooking can be a difficult hobby or profession to endure, and can oftentimes be just as grueling as it is enjoyable. This shirt simultaneously makes light of the ‘cutthroat’ culture in cooking, as well as the need to keep ontop of your game. This shirt is a great cooking related gift for the chef in your life who looks up to culinary greats such as Anthony Bourdain and Thomas Keller.


Mise En Place 

As any culinarily minded person knows, the practice of mise en place, or prepping your ingredients and equipment prior to starting to cook, makes cooking so much easier. This shirt is a great chef t-shirt for the cook who also enjoys the reputation as a flirt. Make sure everything is in its place.


Food Blast

Those who are blessed with natural and true culinary abilities are often incredibly intelligent when it comes to putting ingredients together. This t-shirt depicts a chef’s head literally exploding with different menu concoctions. This unusual chef gift is great for the cook in your life who is constantly coming up with new ideas out of nowhere.

Foodie shirts

Dish Pig

Pigs generally don’t have the best reputation, except in the kitchen. This chef tee shirt re-enforces the role of the pig as culinary renegade, as well as the importance of someone to keep the dishes clean and the kitchen orderly. This piece of culinary apparel makes an unusual cooking gift for the dish pig in your life, and shows your gratification for their hard work.


Wait Staff Meal

King Of The Kitchen

Wear this shirt proudly to demonstrate your love for cooking, and your dominance as a top chef. Featuring the majestic lion- typically the King of the Jungle- this shirt will cement your place as the King of the Kitchen along side giants such as Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain. This funny chef t-shirt is sure to be a best gift for chefs- even if that chef is you!

Crack Chef

A Chef shirt with a double meaning, you can be a crack chef that is great at your job the number one chef or in an different profession all together that is cooking crack. This shirt makes an unusual chef gift for the chef in your life.

Protien Shake

Poke gentle fun of the rise in popularity of protein shakes, or your own dependency on protein shakes as your meals or before workouts. This tee-shirt makes is a great gift for a chef boyfriend who is also a workout fanatic, as it is sure to make a great gift for chefs who have everything